The Bein Hazmanim Getaway

Enjoy a luxury vacation for the whole family with the perfect balance of a beautiful, Heimish crowd and serene privacy.  We look forward to welcoming you to The Vermont Getaway.


Killington Resort sits on 3,000 acres in the heart of the Green Mountains. At 4,241 feet, Killington Peak is the second-highest mountain in Vermont. Average summer temperature is in the 70’s.With 45 miles of hiking and biking trails, stunning views, an adventure center, and many other attractions, Killington has something for everyone.


Super Luxury Chalet Condos high on the Mountain in a world class ski resort….


We have 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom luxurious condos, each with a private entrance …


Killington Gondola Chairlift is open all week. Spend the day hiking up to the…


Thruway to Exit 24 Albany – Northway (87) north to Exit 20-Fort Ann/Rutland….

Interesting Routes

The earlier the better for availability. The larger units sell out very…


What is included in the price? A beautiful, luxurious condo, access to resort facilities, use of the health club at night (August only), and significant discounts for the many activities we arrange such as Bromley amusement park, boating, biking, etc.


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Toronto, Ontario

Thanks we had a great time. The unit was really nice and we were able to use the pool and recreation center on several occasions. 

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Lakewood, NJ

 THANK YOU!! The vacation was amazing. We loved our condo  and the entire set up! The activity book and all your instructions! I can see your input! I hope we can join you again! 

G. Family

Five Towns, NY

Hi there, We just got home from Vermont. I have to tell u that this vacation experience was really awesome! We loved every minute of it. And all accommodations were just fabulous. May u be zoche to host many excursions for yiden even when moshiach comes.

F. Family

Boro Park, NY

Thank you for such a beautiful refreshing stay! From the food, room, and minyonim it all was so nicely prepared! The handbook was clear and useful! We really enjoyed ourselves!

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Alex & Maria

Young Couple


732 444 8688

Super Luxury Chalet Condos high on the Mountain in a world class ski resort

Higher, Cooler, and Closer than New Hampshire

This private resort is over 2000 feet high for the coolest climate in the New England area.

Average August temperature is in the 70’s.

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: The best arrival dates are Thursdays and Sundays. Mid-week arrival is available by request. Feel free to use the facilities on the day of your departure after checkout, as long as it does not interfere with cleaning the unit.

SHUL: There are a few Minyanim for most Tefillos. First Minyan is Ashkenaz and second is Sfard. Basic seforim are provided, but bring your own for your needs. Chiyuvim must tell us in advance so we can organize. NO OUTSIDERS CAN USE ANY OF OUR FACILITIES.

Important: After you read all the information, in order to be able to communicate all the many details of the Getaway including the contract, food orders, etc, we need an email or fax number. There is simply too much information to give over. Please provide your full contact information with all your details – dates requested, any special needs, amount of adults, children (boys / girls) and ages, so we can pick the best unit for you. Someone will contact you to finalize. If at all possible, please give a number for a dedicated fax line.

On Site

Killington Gondola Chairlift is open all week. Spend the day hiking up to the peak from where you can see several states!

Killington Adventure Center is right on the mountain with ATVs, Segways, Skyeride, mountain coaster, ropes course, Terra-maze and much more! Exclusive discounts for our guests.

Tennis, golf, boating, and mountain biking

Nearby Attractions

Green Mountain National Park
Lake George (1 1/2 hours from resort)
162-ft Quechee Gorge: “The Grand Canyon of the East” (45 minutes from resort)
Simon Pearce Glassblowing (45 minutes from resort)
Emerald Lake State Park (1 hour from resort)
Hawk Marina – boats and water trampoline (25 minutes from resort)
Blueberry picking
Taylor Farm (1 hour from resort)
​ Okemo Mountain Adventure Zone (40 minutes from resort)
Equinox Mountain – beautiful trails and stunning views(50 minutes from resort)

Vermont Marble Museum (40 minutes from resort)
​ Rock of Ages – Vermont Quarry (1 hour 15 minutes from resort)
Vermont Teddy Bear Museum (1 hour 45 minutes from resort)
Lake Champlain -speed boating, houseboats, etc. (1 hour 45 minutes from resort)
Thundering Falls Trail (few minutes away)

Many scenic drives, parks, hiking trails, waterfalls, canoeing, kayaking, ……white water rafting, tubing, golfing, horseback riding, mountain biking, ……historic sites, museums, rock climbing, etc.

Off Site


We will rent out Bromley amusement park for our guests once a week (weather permitting). Enjoy the water slide, alpine slide, bungee jumping, rides, etc.


Price Chopper supermarket and Wal-Mart are 30 minutes away in Rutland, along with many other stores. Manchester has many upscale outlets and is about 1 hour 20 minutes away. The closest Kosher shopping is Price Chopper in Albany / Colonie, NY which you pass on the way up and has a good Hechsher for its on-site bakery.


Click here for a few pictures of activity categories…after finishing the booking process you will receive exclusive access to our online activity guide, which will conveniently help you plan your getaway!!

We have a highly discounted deal with Bromley Amusement Park with rides for all ages and an alpine slide. The gondola lift is open every day and is safe for children. There is a play area on the mountain. However, you cannot let your young children run around outside by themselves. It is not a bungalow colony. The swimming pools do not have kiddie sections. (The Jacuzzis aren’t too deep). If you want babysitting, please make your own arrangements.

 I cannot get enough units in the area, please  do not rent from  homeowners in the immediate area  to use our facilities, this  causes us serious damage. if you are staying outside our developments, please email or text in advance to check if we can handle company  the hotel  is not big and gives us a hard time if they see outsiders coming in.  Because we have only families in the hotel and the condos, groups of Bochurim cannot come in  at any time. Thank you for your consideration 

We will arrange a van from Monroe to the hotel  for  weekends. 

There is a bus and Amtrak from NYC to Rutland.  taxis are available from Rutland.  You can take Gramps Shuttle​ 802-342-4361. There is also public transportation available (​) from the hotel around the area .  It’s $2.00 per person and runs every hour. 

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