Fresh from Gourmet Glatt

DON’T SPEND YOUR VACATION IN THE KITCHEN! Order a complete Shabbos package with the finest cuisine from the famous Gourmet Glatt in Boro Park.  All items produced in the store are under the Heimishe Hechsher of the Tartikov Beis Din . You will receive a beautiful package for Friday breakfast through Sunday lunch including all paper goods and utensils.  Just warm it up and enjoy in your own private condo!  Each package includes very generous portions for one couple. Larger families can order a few packages and / or add groceries and take-out.  If Gourmet Glatt carries it, you can order it!

Groceries and takeout from Gourmet Glatt are delivered every Friday morning, by advance order only.  All prices are regular Gourmet Glatt prices plus shipping.


We arrange with the local Price Chopper to carry Cholov Yisroel milk and basic Heimishe products.  There is also a small grocery on the mountain that carries fresh produce, eggs, OU products, etc.

​​Our condo guests also have an option to purchase fresh meals from our caterer in the hotel.  All meals are available by advance order only, with minimum 24 hour notice.

All food is supplied from a renowned Boro Park Caterer, Heimishe Hechsher, Chassidishe Shechita. Hotel under strict supervision of R’ Yisroel Engelman Shlita.​

Eat-in: The 3-course dinner is $65 per person (ages 10+), $45 for children (3-10 years)​

Take-out: $50 for adult, $30 for children

Minimum order of two portions.

Breakfast + boxed lunch can be purchased for $30 per person.

Shabbos Package

Friday Breakfast

Assorted Rolls or Croissants

Milk, Orange Juice





Cheese Blintzes

Potato Kugel

Shabbos Night

Includes elegant dishes and tableware, tablecloth, napkins, drinks, grape juice,

becher, disposable pot for soup. All other items wrapped in foil to heat up in oven and leave on Blech 

Bring Challah knife

Big Challah

Gefilte Fish Platter with Chrain


Techina, Babagenoush

Chicken Soup with Matzoh Balls

Chicken Capons with Kishka stuffing


Grilled Vegetables

Large Potato Kugel

Elegant Dessert Pastries

Shabbos Day


Matjas Herring


Steinbergs haimishe Large Chocolate Babka


Big Challah

Egg Salad, Chopped and Sautéed Livers,

Salads – Bodek and cucumber

Cold Cuts Variety

2 lbs of Cholent with Kishka

Fruit Compote

Seudah Shlishis

Assorted Salads

Sushi Platter

Cheese Crowns


Sunday Breakfast

Bagels with Lox and Cream Cheese


2 Tuna and Egg and Salad platters

Breadsticks/ Flat Breads